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The sailor cap

The sailor's cap , also called a "sailor's cap", is a timeless fashion accessory that is often associated with the maritime world and sailors. Here are some of the best sailor hats on the market:

sailor hats

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  1. Wool Sailor Hat : This type of hat is made of premium wool to provide excellent thermal insulation and durability. It usually has a folded edge to provide additional protection against cold and bad weather. Popular brands of wool sailor hats include Saint James and Armor Lux.
  2. Cotton sailor hat : This type of hat is made of soft and comfortable cotton for easy and pleasant wearing. It often features a cuff to provide an extra touch of style. Popular brands of cotton sailor hats include Breton Company and Le Minor.
  3. Acrylic Sailor Hat : This type of hat is made of soft, lightweight acrylic for comfortable all-day wear. It often features a pom pom on top for an added touch of style. Popular brands of acrylic sailor caps include Barts and Fisherman's Outfitter.

Ultimately, your choice of sailor hat will come down to your personal preferences for style, comfort, and budget. It is recommended to choose a premium hat for long-lasting use and to protect your head from bad weather.

docker hat docker hats

The docker hat is a type of knitted hat that has become very popular in recent years. He is called a "dock worker" in reference to the port workers who often wore similar hats to protect themselves from the cold and bad weather while working on ships.

Docker hats are usually made from wool or a blend of wool and other materials like acrylic or cotton. They are often thick and soft to provide additional protection against the cold.

Docker beanies have a unique shape that sets them apart from other types of beanies. They have a folded edge at the base which creates a double layer of fabric to provide better thermal insulation. Some styles also have a pom pom on top to add an extra touch of style.

Docker beanies are a popular choice for people looking to stay warm during the winter months or looking for a casual, comfortable style. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, including denim jackets, wool coats and parkas, as well as jeans, canvas pants and leggings.

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