Freestyle bmx

Freestyle bmx, an emblematic sport that is doing well!

freestyle bmx

Freestyle BMX was born in California in 1984. It was originally a way of doing BMX in spots, that is to say in places where BMX is practiced, such as parks or skate parks, but by adding figures and acrobatics. Freestyle has recently become a recognized sporting discipline in many countries.

Although there are several disciplines of BMX, the most popular is freestyle. The goal is to perform various tricks with your bike in order to obtain the best possible score. When you exercise your talent for maximum daring, you quickly improve your technique and abilities. This sport is therefore ideal for those looking for an activity that is both fun and demanding.

BMX freestyle in France!

BMX freestyle is a sport that involves performing acrobatic tricks on a road bike. This practice is practiced in particular in France, particularly in large cities. You can see acrobatic and spectacular figures there, such as the wheelie, the wheelie, the bunny hop, the pass, and many others. Freestyle BMX is growing in France at the moment, and this can be explained by the fact that more and more people want to practice this sport.

The popularity of freestyle bmx!

This sport is very popular in the city of Lyon. Indeed, its fans can practice freestyle bmx on ramps installed in public spaces such as beaches. It is a very dynamic sport that requires agility and flexibility. In addition, you also need to know how to get out of difficult situations. Freestyle bmx is mainly practiced outdoors, but it is also possible to do it indoors. Entry into this industry is quite simple since all the necessary equipment is easily found and inexpensive.

Or practice freestyle bmx?

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Young people who like BMX Freestyle often practice in skateparks or in vacant lots. Most of the time, they enroll in a local freestyle bmx school to receive basic training and perfect their skills. BMX Freestyle is often practiced with a helmet, protective vest, goggles and protections on the arms and legs. It is obviously necessary to avoid scratches, as this could harm the athlete's skill and yet deprive him of any desire to return to it.

BMX freestyle riders are athletes who perform impressive aerial tricks on a BMX racing bike. Unlike other extreme sports, most riders are middle-aged and considered motorcycle craftsmen. They use BMX racing bikes because these bikes are very maneuverable and can be easily modified to better suit the needs of the challenges.

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