Le vélo électrique

The electric bike

The electric bike in France

The electric bike is an interesting alternative to the classic bicycle. We find more and more of them on roads and cycle paths. The electric bike is also very popular with people who want to engage in regular physical activity. It is perfect for short distance journeys, as it offers unrivaled comfort and ease of use. Many cyclists use it to get to work or run a few errands.

The electric bike in France is a subject that sparks a lot of debate. Some people think it's a great thing, others are against it. What is it really ?

Is the electric bike a “real” bike?

Yes, absolutely, and it even benefits from a certain number of advantages. In fact, its wheels are one with the frame and the motor is hidden, which makes it an excellent means of transport. However, you should know that the electric bike is not new.

The electric bike has become more and more popular.

The electric bike has become more and more popular. With its cutting-edge technology, the electric bike is an ideal way to get around large cities where traffic is very dense. The electric bike is also a great way to exercise, but it can also be used for getting around the countryside, playing sports and spending time with family.

The electric bike is a good way to go further

E-bikes are a great way for people to go further, and for a fraction of the cost of gas. It's also a way to go at your own pace, without worrying about rush hour or covering distances over rough terrain. But of course, riding an electric bike doesn't mean you'll have to abandon all common sense. There are a few rules to follow to travel safely.

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